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Early Scent Introduction

I got an interesting question from a prospective puppy buyer. Do I use Early Scent Introduction (ESI) protocol with my litters? I never have but heard lots about it and am truly excited to experiment with it. ESI was developed by Gayle Watkins, … Continue reading

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Can You Teach a Puppy To Avoid Future Conflicts? You Bet!

Week 11 in puppies’ lives started with a birth of another litter slightly before the due date, altering our schedule of games and challenging the puppies to accept longer breaks between activities. Their reactions exceeded all my expectations. They are such good puppies! Their … Continue reading

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Week 10 Protocols

Crate Training The puppies continue to soak up experiences like little sponges and I’m racing to teach them skills and behaviors before week 12 when they join their new families. When I got my first Norwich Terrier he was air … Continue reading

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The reasons behind enrichment protocols

Why to use enrichment protocols for rearing puppies? Why  to “interfere” with the puppies at all? Dogs have been a part of human life for millennia, some archeological data suggests for tens of thousands of years. Selective dog breeding for … Continue reading

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