Raising Puppies

Hip Dysplasia: Can a Shape and Surface of Whelping Box Prevent It?

Week 12 and 13 : Time of Goodbyes and Protocols Of ” A Big Boy In A Big World”

Can You Teach a Puppy To Avoid Future Conflicts? You Bet!

Challenges of Puppies Born Prematurely

Week 10 Protocols

Manding: Giving Puppy A Voice

What Do You Get When You Combine Rambunctious With Unsure?

Baby Steps Or Rather Puppy Steps Of Training

Puppy Protocols – Can You “Waterproof” a Water-Phobic Norwich Or Keep His Feet From Pawprinting Your Pants?

Characters Emerge

Puppy Culture “Puppy Party” – 6 Weeks Old

Week 5 – First Fear Imprinting Period

How To Supercharge Learning

You Will Not Believe What a Pocket Size Puppy Can Learn

Socialization Period – Introduction

Transitional Period

10 Days At The Whelping Box. But Why?

One week old

Early Scent Introduction

Early Neurological Stimulation

The reasons behind enrichment protocols

Not everything is as planned, in other words one always learns something new

First days