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Losing a Puppy. A Heartache of Breeding.

A show dog breeder’s life is not glamorous, but it does evoke a response of “aww… puppies!” However, a breeder’s daily routines are more “eww…” than “aww…” Everyone imagines the deliciousness of being surrounded by fluffy cuteness on comically unsteady legs. The real comical moments, though, are … Continue reading

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Week 12 and 13 : Time of Goodbyes and Protocols Of ” A Big Boy In A Big World”

Derby’s First Days Without His Brothers Our babies started a new life they have been preparing for! One by one the boys left to continue adventures with their loving new owners (more on that in another post). All except Derby. Potty Training … Continue reading

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Can You Teach a Puppy To Avoid Future Conflicts? You Bet!

Week 11 in puppies’ lives started with a birth of another litter slightly before the due date, altering our schedule of games and challenging the puppies to accept longer breaks between activities. Their reactions exceeded all my expectations. They are such good puppies! Their … Continue reading

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Challenges of Puppies Born Prematurely

We Have Newborns!   It is very rare for me to have two litters in one year, and we will not have more puppies for a while, but this turned out to be a summer of babies. Two days ago Moxie gave natural … Continue reading

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Week 10 Protocols

Crate Training The puppies continue to soak up experiences like little sponges and I’m racing to teach them skills and behaviors before week 12 when they join their new families. When I got my first Norwich Terrier he was air … Continue reading

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Manding: Giving Puppy A Voice

Among Puppy Culture protocols “manding” is one of the most genius ones. It is a phenomenal foundation for effective communication between a puppy and humans. “Manding” is an automatic sit in front of a person the puppy is interacting with. It … Continue reading

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Food Matters Part 2: Our Recipes for Home-Cooked Dog Food

Master Recipe When I cook for my dogs I measure ingredients by volume (as opposed to weight). Every week the meals are slightly different but the “master recipe” is the same: 70 % meat (minimum) 30 % vegetables/ fruit/ grain (up … Continue reading

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