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Placentophagy (eating placentas)

As yuck as it sounds to us, placentophagy is common in mammals. Besides the obvious purpose of hiding any trace of birth and vulnerable newborns from predators, eating placenta has been proven to make birthing less painful, and to help with milk letdown. Continue reading

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Food Matters Part 3 – Shortcuts, Hacks and Tips

Don’t Get Trapped In “All Or Nothing” Approach It helps to think of cooking for dogs as similar to exercising. It is a healthy choice and it does not have to mean dedication of hours and hours of your time. If … Continue reading

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Food Matters

Sensitive Subject On Human Side Of Things There are volumes written about dog nutrition, hundreds of studies conducted (admittedly, the majority funded by dog food industries) and there are as many myths as proven theories floating around. It is one … Continue reading

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