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Natural Births In A “Cesarean” Dog Breed

There is such a thing as an optimum environment for a natural birth. Continue reading

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What Might Surprise You About Vaccines

I’m overhearing a conversation while in the waiting room at a vet’s office. “Spot is going to a boarding kennel tomorrow and they require his yearly shots to be up-to-date. Oh, and a kennel cough vaccine” says a dog owner … Continue reading

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Challenges of Puppies Born Prematurely

We Have Newborns!   It is very rare for me to have two litters in one year, and we will not have more puppies for a while, but this turned out to be a summer of babies. Two days ago Moxie gave natural … Continue reading

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Socialization Period – Introduction

Short, Short Window “Puppy socialization” is a technical term in canine behaviorism that describes the process  when a puppy learns to be a dog between a 4th and 14th  week of life.  Socialization Period is believed to close at as early as 12 weeks of age, … Continue reading

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Thoughts to celebrate 1000 visits to my blog

This blog is less than a month old and it has about 1000 views, with visitors from 17 countries. As thrilled as I am to speak to like-minded people, I am thinking today how sadly rare and special my readers are, … Continue reading

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Tale of Tails And Other Appendages – Part 1

Why Are Norwich Terrier Tails Docked? Norwich Terrier has been historically a docked breed. The most commonly quoted reason  for docking is avoiding tail injury during hunting in thorny underbrush. Another reason frequently given is having a tail length that allows for grabbing a … Continue reading

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