If you told me twenty years ago that I will become a dog breeder I would have called you crazy, and probably got offended. Dogs have always been a part of my life: as beloved companions, partners in various activities, my indispensable friends. I fostered dogs, volunteered at shelters, trained “untrainable” pups, played with some dog sport activities but dog breeding was the world behind a curtain I was afraid to pull away to look, afraid of what I might find. My relationship with “where the dogs come from” was not different from that of most dog lovers – apprehensive and uncomfortable, a mixture of painful knowledge of puppy mills, irresponsible “oops-my-dog-is-pregnant” litters and only a foggy awareness of hobby breeding. But then, I fell in love with a Norwich Terrier, a breed that thankfully at the time was in the hands of responsible breeders. And by pulling away that curtain I saw a world maybe sometimes imperfect but based on true knowledge of animal husbandry and nurturing in its essence, and the one I wanted to contribute to and strive to make better.

Now in my second decade of breeding Norwich Terriers, I decided to write this blog as a sincere illustration of where some puppies come from, and how for all the ills of dog breeding at large, there is an army of people making a difference. Everything I know I learned from others. I am just a tiny part of a vast community of responsible dog breeders.  I hope that by sharing this road less travelled I might inspire puppy buyers to ask for the kind of enriched puppyhood every dog deserves.

Thanks for travelling with me.

Magda Chiarella (Dig-n-Pop Norwich Terriers)

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  1. HP "Butch" Crabtree says:

    How do I join your blogg? I was very impressed with the info it contaained.
    Butch Crabtree
    Kennel vom Avoyelles
    ‘working Line GSD’s”
    telephone 318-240-3100


  2. marcos reta says:

    I’m also having trouble finding follow or an email>


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