Characters Emerge

Distinct Puppy Profiles


The boys turned 7-weeks old yesterday. They are little doggies now, with their individual predispositions and temperaments (not to be confused with personalities yet).

I have always said that a puppy is everyone’s sweetheart but your adult dog, the one you have shared experiences with, and grew to know and understand each other, that is a priceless gem. That’s your dog, a being with a unique personality, which is a fusion of his natural predisposition and a lifetime of experiences that shaped him.

A puppy might be slightly more inclined to react one way over another, but it will take learning and experiencing to be a certain way. Right now I can observe the innate tendencies in each of the boys, but that observation will in no way be a solid prediction of the adults they will grow up to be. The process of forming personality will involve a whole lot of Nurture saturating the Nature I’m seeing now.

With that disclaimer let me tell you what I’m noticing in each puppy.




Primo is the sweetest, “sunshine” pup. I have never witnessed him taking a toy away from a brother, or employing any form of bullying, ever! He is a kind of pup that would occupy himself before ever complaining about boredom. When I put the pups in an x-pen without toys for a few minutes as I’m re-arranging and cleaning their pen Primo never complains. While his brothers sound a loud protest Primo runs around and occupies himself with jumps, skips and hops. He wants to eat life in big gulps while chasing after the next best thing – a stick, a butterfly, a leaf. At the same time, Primo is a very smart, thoughtful problem solver. He does not get frustrated easily and is always game to try something new. An explorer at heart and the best snuggle buddy when not chasing the next moment.

DSC_5214 DSC_5220 DSC_5234 DSC_5402

Temperament-wise Primo reminds me a lot of his sire, our sweet, always happy and patient Teddy.



Derby (with Primo pouncing on something in the background)

Derby, or Puddles as my daughter insists on calling him, is one steady block. He is a pup that stands by, assessing a situation before jumping into whatever it is. He takes everything in strides but his wheels are always turning. He remembers the smallest things. He has a phenomenal ability to just stand there and figure out things without much physical activity on his part.  A good example of that is an exercise in which the puppies are separated with an x-pen from something they want, and they need to figure out that they can walk around it to get to the jackpot. While his brothers are milling about going this way and that, Derby is hardly moving. He is watching what other pups are doing and then he is the first to follow the brother that discovered the way to walk around the obstacle. Next time, he is the first to go around the x-pen right away, no wasted energy. Like I said, a steady block.

DSC_5358 DSC_5360 DSC_5361 DSC_5362 DSC_5356 DSC_5370

DSC_5280 DSC_5292Again, this steady, non-reactive aspect of Derby’s disposition that is 100% his sire.




When I watch Nugget interact with the other puppies it always seems like he’s running after the brothers saying “wait for me!” Nugget is curious, inquisitive, eager to take risks but definitely a follower, not a leader. He is a very affectionate pup, seeking out lap time even in the midst of a most rambunctious play. I would describe him as very sweet and more quiet than his brothers. He can be running full throttle but when I pick him up he becomes instant mush and really visibly enjoys being held. Nugget would never struggle while being held, examined or even prodded.

DSC_5235 DSC_5275 DSC_5302 DSC_5309 DSC_5383



Nugget reminds me of Beanie the most, with his very affectionate, human-centric ways.




What can I say? Banzo is the essence of a drivey, powerful risk taker. There is nothing that this pup would shy away from. He is a born leader, an assertive “big one”. What makes his personality absolutely compelling is his very strong affectionate side meshed seamlessly with his curious, “up on the toes” terrier disposition. My husband’s favorite, Banzo enjoys lots of male bonding time when not exploring the outer reaches of our back yard or planting himself at a speed of million miles an hour into a ball bit. He is fascinated by Teddy, his sire, and always tries to trail Teddy around. I joke that when Banzo runs through a crinkly tunnel, the house shakes. There is no stopping him, yet he is sweet as can be when you pick him up. A friend of mine holding him the other day was commenting on how totally relaxed Banzo was being held on his back, belly up, on her lap. Everything this pup does spells confidence.

DSC_5298 DSC_5396DSC_5283DSC_5288DSC_5327DSC_5291DSC_5340DSC_5345

Banzo’s particular brand of drive and confidence is all his, I think.

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One Response to Characters Emerge

  1. I so agree with your statement about the priceless gem. Puppies are so appealing with their cuteness and charming antics as they go about discovering the world. But there is nothing like one’s own adult dog. I felt that way the other day, watching the adorable puppies. I had joked about stealing one on the way out…but I couldn’t help but realize while holding and observing them…as beautiful and adorable as they were ….how satisfied I am with the two I have at home. They are truly MY gems. I’ve always felt that way about puppies and kittens vs the adults they become. It is interesting to think about each puppy’s unique predisposition’s influence on their personality development. So true of us humans and the way we become who we are in spite of experiences which could have had the power to derail us. We don’t arrive with an empty slate!

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