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Baby Steps Or Rather Puppy Steps Of Training

Follow just a handful of simple rules for training your pup and he will thank you by learning fast. Continue reading

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Puppy Protocols – Can You “Waterproof” a Water-Phobic Norwich Or Keep His Feet From Pawprinting Your Pants?

A Doorbell Whenever a doorbell rings in my house the terriers raise the ear-splitting alarm. They are loud and jumpy, just the way their kind has been bred for generations. Their piercing voices were intended to save their lives whenever they got stuck in a collapsed … Continue reading

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Characters Emerge

Distinct Puppy Profiles The boys turned 7-weeks old yesterday. They are little doggies now, with their individual predispositions and temperaments (not to be confused with personalities yet). I have always said that a puppy is everyone’s sweetheart but your adult dog, … Continue reading

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Puppy Culture “Puppy Party” – 6 Weeks Old

This is an edited version with 4 videos. This has been a very exciting week for the puppies, with two big events – a “puppy party” mid-week and our large summer party we hosted yesterday. What Is A “Puppy Party”? A “puppy … Continue reading

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Food Matters

Sensitive Subject On Human Side Of Things There are volumes written about dog nutrition, hundreds of studies conducted (admittedly, the majority funded by dog food industries) and there are as many myths as proven theories floating around. It is one … Continue reading

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Week 5 – First Fear Imprinting Period

Forming Memories At week 5 of life the puppies continue expanding their understanding of the world at a staggering rate. Now a new, highly impactful stage has begun. Up till now they have not been forming recallable memories, but around … Continue reading

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How To Supercharge Learning

Before An Important Exam- Take A Nap! Seriously! Sleep is now understood as an integral part of a learning process in people and animals. But don’t take my word for it. Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School, a place where they … Continue reading

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You Will Not Believe What a Pocket Size Puppy Can Learn

Puppies are little dogs in training.  This is the time when they learn social and emotional skills that will effect their entire lives, from peaceful conflict resolution to recovery from fearful experiences. Yes, tiny two and a half pounds squirts can … Continue reading

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Socialization Period – Introduction

Short, Short Window “Puppy socialization” is a technical term in canine behaviorism that describes the process  when a puppy learns to be a dog between a 4th and 14th  week of life.  Socialization Period is believed to close at as early as 12 weeks of age, … Continue reading

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