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Thoughts to celebrate 1000 visits to my blog

This blog is less than a month old and it has about 1000 views, with visitors from 17 countries. As thrilled as I am to speak to like-minded people, I am thinking today how sadly rare and special my readers are, … Continue reading

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Transitional Period

Eyes and Ears  Open Up Puppies are born with eyes and ears shut. They cannot see or hear for about 2 weeks after birth. The day their eyes open always feels special, not unlike a human baby’s first steps. About the same … Continue reading

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Tale of Tails- Part 2

Planning Last December, even before Beanie’s babies became zygotes, when they were only penciled notes on pedigree charts spread on my desk, a question about their tail docking came up. A breeder from Europe expressed interest in getting a female puppy … Continue reading

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Tale of Tails And Other Appendages – Part 1

Why Are Norwich Terrier Tails Docked? Norwich Terrier has been historically a docked breed. The most commonly quoted reason  for docking is avoiding tail injury during hunting in thorny underbrush. Another reason frequently given is having a tail length that allows for grabbing a … Continue reading

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Birthday Toast

  As a breeder holds a little puppy, inevitably hopes and dreams of its future mingle with the present moment. Will it be given a chance to do great things, to live its life to the doggy fullest? Will it be a big show winner? … Continue reading

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10 Days At The Whelping Box. But Why?

A Tiny Dose of Cute Puppies have that whole cuteness factor going. And “cute” hits a bulls eye in the target: our mammalian nurturing instinct for babies. New studies suggest that cute images stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain (the same centers that respond … Continue reading

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One week old

Size Up The Difference The puppies more than  doubled their birth weight in one week. They have been gaining approximately 10% of body weight each day, for an exponential growth. Let it sink in. Calculate 10% of your body weight and imagine … Continue reading

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