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Thoughts to celebrate 1000 visits to my blog

This blog is less than a month old and it has about 1000 views, with visitors from 17 countries. As thrilled as I am to speak to like-minded people, I am thinking today how sadly rare and special my readers are, … Continue reading

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Transitional Period

Eyes and Ears  Open Up Puppies are born with eyes and ears shut. They cannot see or hear for about 2 weeks after birth. The day their eyes open always feels special, not unlike a human baby’s first steps. About the same … Continue reading

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Tale of Tails- Part 2

Planning Last December, even before Beanie’s babies became zygotes, when they were only penciled notes on pedigree charts spread on my desk, a question about their tail docking came up. A breeder from Europe expressed interest in getting a female puppy … Continue reading

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Tale of Tails And Other Appendages – Part 1

Why Are Norwich Terrier Tails Docked? Norwich Terrier has been historically a docked breed. The most commonly quoted reason  for docking is avoiding tail injury during hunting in thorny underbrush. Another reason frequently given is having a tail length that allows for grabbing a … Continue reading

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Birthday Toast

  As a breeder holds a little puppy, inevitably hopes and dreams of its future mingle with the present moment. Will it be given a chance to do great things, to live its life to the doggy fullest? Will it be a big show winner? … Continue reading

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10 Days At The Whelping Box. But Why?

A Tiny Dose of Cute Puppies have that whole cuteness factor going. And “cute” hits a bulls eye in the target: our mammalian nurturing instinct for babies. New studies suggest that cute images stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain (the same centers that respond … Continue reading

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One week old

Size Up The Difference The puppies more than  doubled their birth weight in one week. They have been gaining approximately 10% of body weight each day, for an exponential growth. Let it sink in. Calculate 10% of your body weight and imagine … Continue reading

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Early Neurological Stimulation

Early Neurological Stimulation was supposedly developed in the 1970s in military Bio-Sensor program, which tested effects of various stimuli on puppy development. The purported goal was to find correlation between the ways the puppies are handled and improved performance when those puppies become … Continue reading

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The reasons behind enrichment protocols

Why to use enrichment protocols for rearing puppies? Why  to “interfere” with the puppies at all? Dogs have been a part of human life for millennia, some archeological data suggests for tens of thousands of years. Selective dog breeding for … Continue reading

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Not everything is as planned, in other words one always learns something new

I was all excited to write today about Early Neurological Stimulation, a series of exercises I started with the puppies yesterday but life is writing a different story, a subplot that hijacked my day.  Let me start by introducing to you the … Continue reading

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